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Recommended Study Resources

Audio Resources

Audio Dharma offers a wide variety of downloadable MP3 dharma talks including Richard Shankman's.

Dharma Seed offers a wide variety of dharma CD's & MP3's.

Online Readings

Access to Insight is an Internet website dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and useful information concerning the practice and study of Theravada Buddhism, as it has been handed down to us through both the written word of the Pali Canon and the living example of the Sangha.

The Dhammapada (The Buddha's Path of Wisdom), translated by the Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita. The entire text is available here.


Lion's Roar (formerly Shambhala Sun)is a Buddhist-inspired magazine, applying the wisdom of the world's great contemplative traditions to the arts, social issues, politics and health.

Tricycle Magazine is a non-profit quarterly magazine with an educational charter to spread the dharma.

Poem by Cece Cormier

this transparent evening
all luminous, clear
this night when angels fly
and poets die
consumes the healing
and makes me want to scream
of passion brushed lips
the pulse
an aura
love at  fingertips
initiates feeling
and pause
take a breath
rest with me
visualize the possibility
of life in several parts
filling the whole in our hearts
masking this completeness
burning opaque in the dark

(c. november 29, 2001)

Sangha Members Reading List

Seeking the Heart of Wisdom by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield.

Mindfulness in Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana.

A Gradual Awakening by Stephen Levine.

One Dharma: The Emerging Western Buddhism by Joseph Goldstein.

The Issue at Hand by Gil Fronsdal.

Study Guide for Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness by Bhante H. Gunaratana.

Cultivating Equanimity by Narayan Liebenson Grady.

Right Understanding in Plain English: The Science of The Buddha's Middle Path by David N. Snyder, Ph.D.

Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience by Sharon Salzberg.

Breath by Breath "The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation" by Larry Rosenberg

In This Very Life by Sayadaw U Pandita

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation by Nyanaponika Thera

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön.

The Places That Scare You by Pema Chödrön.

The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chödrön.

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere by Ayya Khema.

Sangha members, please send your recommendations.

Other Reading Lists

Bhavana Society Resources
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Insight Meditation Society Resources


Wisdom Experience is a not-for-profit publisher dedicated to making available authentic Buddhist works from all the major Buddhist traditions.

Shambhala Publications Publisher of books on eastern religion and philosophy, specializing in Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and other Tibetan teachers.

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